GDQ (Group Development Questionnaire)


We provide the opportunity, with help of the GDQ instrument, to map the efficiency and productivity of groups. We are both licensed instructors for GDQ.


  • Measures how a group is working at the moment.
  • Provides information on how efficient the group is in comparison to a wide range of other groups.
  • Provides information on how productive a group is.
  • Provides information on which issues a group should focus on in order to increase productivity.

The GDQ instrument was developed by Susan A Whelan Ph.D., Temple University, Philadelphia and is based on her many years of solid research in the field of group development. The instrument is built from her model IMGD (Integrative Model of Group Development).

The IMGD model describes a group's phases of development in four stages: Dependency and Inclusion, Counter-dependency and Fight, Trust/Structure and Work/Productivity. With help of the GDQ instrument we can establish where a group is in its development and create a plan of action for the future.

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