Lecture: Group Dynamics
Participants: International Students
Lecturer: Lena Schagerström

Quote from evaluations:
“The lecturer can capture the attention, she´s clear and interesting in what she says. I liked particulary the interaction she established with the audience. She´s brilliant.”

“The interactive level. Very interesting topic! This woman is awesome!”

”The interaction, feeling to be part of the lecture”

“Intensive – Passionated!”

“The interaction with the audience. Also really interesting subject!”

“Very un-Swedish lecturer! Most interesting.”

“Good energy, fun, interactions with the audience.”

Vence, France, with Personalpoolen
During 24-28th August 2013, we carried out a training course in Vence, France with Personalpoolen, Örebro.

The course included:

  • GDQ mapping (measurement of the efficiency of a group)
  • SDI mapping (shows the strengths and potential for development in both individuals and groups)
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Employeeship

If you are interested in doing something in your company/organisation, feel free to contact us for more information. We tailor to your needs.

Leadership and Effective Communication
Develop Your Leadership And Communication Skills. Leadership begins within yourself and your personal strengths!
Structure your speech and reach better results!

Your knowledge after attending the course will cover:
Increase your awareness how to use your personal strengths in order to improve relationships with orders to become more effective. Increase your ability to lead groups in different stages to get better results. The keys for successful public speaking through “learning by doing”. Increased awareness of your own communication skills and strengths. Tools for further development towards an even more confident and effective communicator.

Leadership and Effective Communication
Panama City 2011-08-31 – 2011-09-01

“I got tips and important information/documentation that for sure is going to be very useful to me.”

Mario Mejia Santander
Head of Solutions Engagement Practies

“This is by far the most useful course I have ever taken. I am taking from it some very tangible tools which I can use immediately. It was very interactive, very personal, very open, which I felt very comfortable with. I´ve never seen a structure quite like this but I felt really good about it. I feel energized afterwards.”

JuliAnne Murphy
Marketing Director in RealEstate Development
London & Regional Panama

“I really wasn´t expecting such an entlightening experience. This course totally exceeded my expectations. Immense value applicable both on a personal and a professional sense.”

Ana Maria Moreno
Senior VP, Organization Performance and Development

“I feel better equipped to accept who I am + love who I am – not to meet some projection of who I “should be”.”

Jessica Ramesch
Freelance Writer
International Living Publication

University of Gothenburg
Nice, France

“23 university employees were taken out of their daily routines […] A mixed group of both young and old people, researchers and administrators […] They needed to get to know each other much better in order to become more creative and innovative […] In this group, then, comes Lena and Per, bursting with energy and the ability to communicate and in one afternoon we are able to open many, many doors. With SDI we developed new tools to create better interpersonal communication skills; we understood that it is fun to work together – and we learnt how to actually do so.”
Nice, France
Mette Anthonsen, Program Manager
QoG Institute