Swedbank Örebro
Per and Lena have the ability to enthuse and engage. Everything was carried out in a way that made all the participants part of the process. We have had some good laughs and learnt a lot about ourselves and each other! The development process secures lasting effects when it comes to structure, initiative and personal efficiency.
Anne-Lie Carlos
Bank Manager, Swedbank, Örebro

Örebro SK Fotboll
Örebro SK chose to engage Lindström & Schagerström on the bases of our needs, the best possible references from close business contacts and the very positive direct contact we had in the meeting with Per and Lena. An employee survey together with a board-of-directors survey in addition to a subsequent follow-up of both were, after preliminary processes, excellently tailored to our needs. With good methodology and wonderful personal pedagogics we were taken through a carefully structured program and achieved a result for us to work with internally. We see these activities as very important steps in the development of our future organisation.
Jan Karlsson, MD ÖSK Elitfotboll AB

Indiska Örebro
I had the opportunity, via ESF, to fund training courses for my work group. My goal was to develop both the group and the individual in order to do a better job within the company and also for our customers. My choice was Lindström & Schagerström with Lena and Per, who tailored a course for just our business and requirements. Lena and Per took us an a fantastic SDI “journey” with group work and individual discussions.

As a group, we have become closer to each other in our work, and we are all working towards the same goals in an easier, more direct way. As individuals, we all experienced an aha moment. As a result, we now more easily understand each other, customers, and our private relationships and behaviour. So now we can assist both our customers and each other in a better way. Everybody should have the opportunity to do an SDI course.

I can warmly recommend Lindström & Schagerström to all groups and companies that are stuck in a rut, have varying degrees of conflicts or who just want to raise their competence in order to do an even better job.
Ulrika Thunström
Retail Manager, Indiska, Örebro

Hofors Municipality
During 2011, I felt that my management group and I were “treading water” and were not getting the efficiency we wanted out of the group. So we decided to engage Lindström & Schagerström as consultants to develop our management group. The management group consists of seven people, of which the majority have the end of their working lives on the horizon. Consequently, quite a demanding group and there were opinions on the point of such an intervention....

However, it turned out that Lena and Per won over the group's trust in a very short time and also, in a “friendly but resolute” way, could point out the flaws and even the opportunities that the group had.

Even after the first short residential course, an evident change in the workday was noticed; the management group meetings were better structured and the members had an increased understanding for each other, which led to decidedly more efficient meetings. The tone of conversation has also become much better. All this leads to our energy being focused on the issues at hand in a much better fashion. Thanks to the management group development, we have also been able to introduce a new member into the management group in a good way.

The group and I are so happy that we have decided to proceed with the development process. We all realise that we “cannot afford not to continue to develop as a group”. Personally, I can add that I have been through several development initiatives of this type in the past, but I cannot recall any that have given such an evident result so quickly.

I can accordingly recommend Lindström & Schagerström to all management groups that for different reasons have “got stuck” in their work or for other reasons feel the need for development.
Ulf Strömstedt
Municipal Chief Executive for Hofors Municipality

Zinkgruvan Mining
During the spring of 2010, Lindström and Schagerström have run an very popular workshop on staff performance reviews for our supervising managers. Lena and Per are pedagogic and have the ability to arose interest. The mix of theory and practical examples via role play felt easy-going, spot-on and made you want more!
Per-Anders Ivarsson, HR manager
Zinkgruvan Mining

Karlstad University
For a number of years, the Faculty of Arts and Education has worked with the consulting firm  Lindström & Schagerström. Our co-operation started in a work-environment assignment at one of the faculty's departments. Lindström & Schagerström carried out a work-environment survey at the department, and also organised and carried out extensive group development training for two of the department's subject groups. In addition, Lindström & Schagerström have guided the faculty's management group and also carried out a program for manager development with the group. During the last year, Lindström & Schagerström have actively participated in conflict management at the faculty.

The development work that Lindström & Schagerström carried out at the faculty has, in an important way, influenced the working environment at the departments they have worked. In a similar way, the faculty's management group has developed and with support from Lindström & Schagerström has been able to deal with and solve those work-environment problems that have come up. The work together with Lindström & Schagerström has contributed positively to the development of the management group and has brought out the different competences that exist in the group. It has influenced our way of handling the development of our work. In particular, it has had importance for how the group deals with a planned large reorganisation. Both the management group and its members feel that now they can, in a constructive way, carry out a reorganisation without any great problems for the work and the work environment.

It is with this good experience that I can warmly recommend Lindström & Schagerström for different types of individual and group development, especially in educational institutions.
Anders Arnqvist
Faculty of Arts and Education
Karlstad University

Arbetsförmedlingen (The Swedish Employment Office) – Coaching
“Exceeded expectations in regards theory linked to experience, directly in the discussions in the group. Successful in getting the group to speak openly about difficult subjects, or things that could become difficult subjects. Extremely successful individual coaching, where you gave me real tools to develop my weaker sides. SDI: an interesting tool that has shown me clearly how the individuals in the group are/act. Everything that was taken up feels relevant. Flexible planning; content based on what was heard in the group.”
Linus Larsson, Employment officer
The Swedish Employment Office in Kumla

“More fantastic coaching than I could have imagined. You work incredibly well together which inspires enormous confidence and trust in what you say. You listen and allow the group to speak. You have knowledge above and beyond what is common in coaching. Great to see that you are just as stable alone as you are together. Highly recommended for everybody.”
Richard Söderholm, Employment officer
The Swedish Employment Office in Karlstad

“Invaluable time for reflection. Empathetic and well-read coaches who adapted the sessions to the direct needs of the group.”
Sara Carlsson, Employment officer
The Swedish Employment Office in Karlstad

“From my point of view, the coaching has only been positive. It has meant new discoveries about myself and others in the group. Specially SDI which was an 'Aha! experience'. The individual coaching has helped me see aspects of myself that previously were not so clear. The upshot of this is that I have now dealt with things that were 'energy thieves' before, and this has given me increased opportunities in my work. For example, I have changed my way of speaking with others. Knowing what my conflict curve looks like and understanding my way of reacting when I, for example, experience a stressful situation, has enabled me to dare to be clearer in my communication. Clarity is especially important in work with 'difficult matters'.

As a bonus, I have gone ahead and started exercising!
Would dearly like to get the chance of continued coaching; it would be positive for both my work and my own development – we are the tools in the work! I have also got to know the members of the group in another way. As a result, the communication and co-operation has become much better and more efficient.”
Åsa Nemorin, Employment officer
The Swedish Employment Office in Karlskoga

“The coaching was great. Time for reflection. Seeing one's own role and the import of having structure/planning for what we are working with. Seen the value of knowing how I/we do things to get results. I see how I'm driven by different things in different situations and what I should watch out for.”
Employment officer

Eon, Örebro
Lindström & Schagerström Associated has developed and implemented the "Communication in Development" with us at the operating unit in Örebro. The program is structured around the three themes of – communication, information and interaction – and is aimed at the managers and the employees at the unit. I am pleased beyond expectations with Per and Lena's work with both the managers and the employees. All stages at the program have been linked to our own business, which led to the active engagement of all staff. We are already seeing results in more efficient work of the entire unit.
Håkan Björliden, Manager of Operational Unit

VB Energi
Lindström and Schagerström Associated has helped our company with our business after a reorganization. They have an inspiring and engaging way of getting all staff to take up our motto and openly discuss cultural changes to improve our treatment of our customers. Our developed key words are now used in all contexts.

Per and Lena have also helped to develop our management team with team development through such SDI-mapping. Johari Window and active training for joining the management team and working more efficiently. This has led to increased understanding among all of the mangement team that is not what we say about making changes, but what we do and how we act as a group. Furthermore, we now have a good analysis of how our management team is composed of various skills and how we can best improve our cooperation.
Bo Sörberg, CEO

Technical Office Linkoping,
Water & Process Technologies
"I think that this day opened my mind and senses about how to give good feedback while being able to receive it."
Camilla Johansson

"Exciting to work together on other issues than those we are accustomed to. Good examples in the exercises."
Lina Vallin

"Good access to our daily work. Interestingly, the coupling feedback in both giving and receiving."
Birgitta Strandberg

Leadership and Effective Communication
Panama City 2011-08-31 – 2011-09-01
“I got tips and important information/documentation that for sure is going to be very useful to me.”
Mario Mejia Santander
Head of Solutions Engagement Practies

“This is by far the most useful course I have ever taken. I am taking from it some very tangible tools which I can use immediately. It was very interactive, very personal, very open, which I felt very comfortable with. I´ve never seen a structure quite like this but I felt really good about it. I feel energized afterwards.”
JuliAnne Murphy
Marketing Director in RealEstate Development
London & Regional Panama

“I really wasn´t expecting such an entlightening experience. This course totally exceeded my expectations. Immense value applicable both on a personal and a professional sense.”
Ana Maria Moreno
Senior VP, Organization Performance and Development

“I feel better equipped to accept who I am + love who I am – not to meet some projection of who I “should be”.”
Jessica Ramesch
Freelance Writer
International Living Publication

University of Gothenburg
“23 university employees were taken out of their daily routines […] A mixed group of both young and old people, researchers and administrators […] They needed to get to know each other much better in order to become more creative and innovative […] In this group, then, comes Lena and Per, bursting with energy and the ability to communicate and in one afternoon we are able to open many, many doors. With SDI we developed new tools to create better interpersonal communication skills; we understood that it is fun to work together – and we learnt how to actually do so.”
Nice, France
Mette Anthonsen, Program Manager
QoG Institute

KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
Lena Schagerström is a frequent lecturer on our project management course at KTH. With her great teaching skills, Lena has galvanized a whole lecture hall filled with students. We hired Lena to talk about the difference between What and How, the Johari window model and the Feedback model. Based on this she gets the students thinking about their actions and what consequences they might have. By mixing examples from real life and concrete tools, Lena has become one of our most popular lecturers and we hope that she will continue to visit us!
Joakim Lilliesköld, Ph.D.
Industrial Information and Control Systems

Church of Sweden, Diocese of Skara, Administrative Unit
“This was a very positive day with a lot of insight into how I and my colleagues work. Good structure and a professional presentation. I would definitely recommend it.”
Erica Hellkvist

“Very interesting. Skilful execution. Great fun. Valuable for all of us who are in a changing phase.”
Britt-Mari Wennberg

“Well thought-out structure for the day and a flexibility for the group’s unique needs.”
Ola Riggmyr

“Easy-to-understand models that explain processes and behaviors, and practical tools to motivate yourself and the group.”
Dan Lidskog

Örebro Job Center
Våga Vilja Växa (The Courage and Will to Grow) is a project aimed at job seekers. Per and Lena have expertly coached people who have been outside of the job market for a long time. Through their dedicated and personally oriented coaching style they have created a successful outcome where people have found new directions in terms of work, studies or entrepreneurship. Per and Lena have the ability to give support as well as guidance while they question and push the boundaries of each individual. The specific method that Per and Lena use, where individuals are coached both individually and in group situations has shown very good results.
Liisa Ejdenwik, Director of Division

Stockholm Institute of Education
Våga Vilja Växa (The Courage and Will to Grow) – with the coaches Per Lindström and Lena Schagerström – is a project aimed at people who are currently unemployed.

“The interviews show that the participants have had the opportunity, thanks to the layout of this project, to be a part of their own changing process as the project has created platforms for communication, dialogue, activity and reflection both on an individual and group level. This has given the participants tools to take the measures and steps necessary and relevant to continue their life and career planning.”

“Based on how the participants have described their progress, we hope that more cooperation projects of this kind will be conducted in order to strengthen people’s confidence in their own ability to take control of their lives in words and actions. This project can be described with one word; empowerment.”

The quotes are from a study that forms the basis of a master’s thesis in education with specialization in career guidance.
Ingrid Hultén and Christer Langström, Lecturers

Helliden Folk High School
“Lena and Per have on several occasions held day courses for job seekers at Helliden Folk High School. The feedback has been very positive both from the participants and the school administration. Lena and Per base their work on the reality in which job seekers live. Lena’s and Per’s advice is based on their extensive experience, which is very helpful for the students in their job search”.
Klas Sjögren, Vice-Chancellor
Helliden Folk High School
Lars-Åke Stenström, Operations developer

Eniro 118118
We met Lena Schagerström when she led a demonstration session in stress management and relaxation at Eniro118118 in Örebro. Lena showed great presence and skills when guiding the participants towards an inward journey. Afterwards, Lena talked about each journey in a very interesting way and it was a definite eye-opener for many of us. Her way of creating a peaceful and safe atmosphere in the group meant that we happily shared our experiences, something which was also instructive.
Håkan Lund, Education Manager

NyföretagarCentrum Sydnärke
Lena and Per have also planned and carried out workshops, school presentations and mentoring programs for NFC that have been very much appreciated. With Lena’s and Per’s help our operations have expanded to include the entire southern part of the Swedish province of Närke. They have met the demands of both management and customers in a sensitive, active and professional manner.
Thage Arvidsson
Chair of NyföretagarCentrum Sydnärke/Business Manager Kumla