SDI - Strength Deployment Inventory

Using SDI® provides the opportunity to achieve a greater understanding of:

  • Why you do what you do in different situations
  • What innate strengths you bring to relationships around you
  • How to deepen your self-respect and self-esteem
  • Why you think that certain relationships are more fruitful than others
  • How you can achieve higher efficiency with different people and in different situations
  • What causes inner conflict for you In what way you prefer to handle conflicts
  • How you prefer to receive and give constructive feedback
  • How you choose to avoid conflict
  • How to avoid stressful situations.

Strength Deployment Inventory® is based on Dr. Elias Porter's theory about relationship awareness - R.A.T. Relationship Awareness Theory.

With SDI as a starting point, we offer you:

  • Individual coaching
  • Development of working groups, project teams and management teams
  • Highlighting Conflict
  • Tools for effective feedback
  • Development of yourself, your leadership and interpersonal relationships.

We customize based on your needs ranging from ½ day introduction of the SDI to a process over the time needed for your company/organization. Group work on SDI helps to increase the direct and honest communication in the group, reducing conflicts and leading to more efficient operation.

We also offer residential courses for you and your team when you want to get to know each other better and invest in more efficient communication without conflict.